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Australian made goodness, we wish this eye gel were on tap to be perfectly honest.

The Saint Romeo Cucumber Eye Gel is an all-natural instantly soothing and cooling eye treatment, crafted with cucumber and Hyaluronic Acid to help hydrate and plump fine lines. 

Equally suited to both young and mature skins, this eye gel also contains green coffee extract which is known to assist in lightening and in some cases - removing dark circles.

The most amazing addition to your routine, we can vouch that this eye gel is within grabbing distance at all times as our go-to for refreshing tired eyes throughout the day. Its ability to instantly soothe is second to none.

Apply after moisturising.

All skin types, especially sensitive. Extremely effective for both young and mature skin.

Saint Romeo Cucumber Eye Gel 30ml

Only 5 left in stock

Apply a small amount around the eye area after moisturising your face. Use morning and night.

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