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There's an Elvis in all of us..

Elvis' graduation photo

Rewind 63 years to June 4 1953. Elvis Aaron Presley graduates from Humes High School in Memphis. After graduation, he goes on to work at Parker Machinists shop.

That summer, he drops by the Memphis Recording Service - home of the Sun label. Elvis aspires to become a professional singer, so he's here to find out what his recorded voice sounds like. He makes a demo acetate of 'My Happiness' and 'That's when your heartache begins' for a cost of 4 whole dollars - cheaper than a Sydney latte! The studio owner isn't in on that day so assistant, Marion Keisker manages the sesh. He takes the acetate home and reportedly gives it to his mother as a belated, additional birthday present.

By fall he is working at the Precision Tool company and soon changes jobs again, moving to the Crown Electric Company. Elvis isn't afraid to work - he takes on delivery truck driving whist attending night school studies in Electrical.

Moral of the story : Elvis' road travelled has a familiarity we all relate to - he had a dream, and a whole lot of ambition. He worked hard, but he never gave up on aspiring to one day become the great King we know and love him for. It's then we realise, you realise - there's an Elvis in all of us.

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