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The men's guide to long hair

Taking care of long hair for me
The men's guide to long hair

With many of our clients holding on to their longer hairstyles post lockdown, we thought that a men's guide to long hair might be worth some airtime. If the extra length wasn't on the basis of not having a choice but to grow the mane, we might hazard a guess that most of our clients actually took a liking to their new length! First and foremost, men's long hair is a specialty service at our Sydney based men's hair and styling parlour, Memphis and Co. Dom is a master on the scissors, having been classically and technically trained in women's hair before extending his mastery into the Barber world. When we talk about long hair it's not necessarily long hair down your back length, it can really be anything beyond 5cm! And the best part is there are many options around style. It could be a mid-length haircut, long shaggy cut, surfer style, a straight cut, a long quiff, the list goes on. Looking after longer hair isn't really that much more difficult than shorter hair, you just need to consider a couple of things: 1. There's a belief that long hair requires less maintenance and sure, to a degree. On lazy days it's easy to pull your hair back and up into a man bun, however, regular trims promote healthy hair. Not only to maintain shape, but also to take away any split ends that appear.

2. When asking for a long men's haircut, it's important to communicate what you'd like. Is it just a trim or are you looking for an actual cut or restyle? 3. Fleshing out your cleansing routine to a Shampoo and Conditioner helps to maintain the integrity of your scalp and hair. If you suffer from a dry scalp then it becomes even more important to keep those locks in check. Healthy scalp = healthy hair! 3. Using appropriate products like a smoothing lotion to enhance shine whilst soaking up all of the goodness is always a winner. The Memphis and Co. Bearded King Balm actually doubles as a smoothing lotion and is an epic choice for long hair. If you wanna chat long hair, then feel free to drop us a line (02) 9518 0177 or head over to our bookings page to make an appointment! See you down in sunny Marrickville. By the way, our brother brand The Man Parlour ranges an amazing collection of products to keep your long hair in check! You'll find an excellently curated range of men's grooming products and brands across haircare, skincare and gifts. Use code: MEMPHISVIP for 10% off The Man Parlour, always!


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