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Remembering Elvis... #elvis40

Elvis at Graceland

Our 'King' may have left us physically, but never in spirit. All one has to do is turn on a radio or television, pick up the newspaper or load up a trusty digital device for what's trending today in news - and you'll find yourself either deep in Elvis mania or amazed at the commitment of many fans making the pilgrimage to Graceland to mark 40 years since the passing of our rock 'n roll legend, Elvis Presley.

In conversation with Memphis and Co. Owner and mega-fan, Dom:

'It was the Australian winter of August 16, 1977. What started out as just another monotonous school day turned out to be a moment in time I will never forget as news spread like wildfire that my idol, Elvis Presley had passed. Like many fans, I couldn't believe my ears - all I could think about was 'why? where did he go? what would a world without Elvis be like?' Music by nature would always evolve, but I wasn't ready for a life without the King.

As the years went on, I found my own musical passion which I was lucky to pursue. Elvis always being a constant source of inspiration in all areas of my life, found his way in to Memphis and Co. If I had to really think about the impact he had on the world, and why his legacy is so strong - it was best said in the words of John Lennon: 'before Elvis, there was nothing'.

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